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  • Mt.Kurohime / Nojiri Lake
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  • Experience

    Itteki Paddle & Mountain Guide

    “Let’s search your first drop” Where does your excitement belongs to? Skillful guide offers activities such as kayaking, SUP, skiing, and trekking.

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    Kurohime Tree Climbing

    Where would be the best place to enjoy scenery? Under instructor’s full supervision, enjoy the tree climbing. If it is your first time, experienced instructor will coach you to climb with your own strength.

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    Wellness walking

    Walk through the town of Shinano to learn its history and culture. Our local residents are welcoming your visit. Most importantly, walking is good for your health!

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    Walking & hiking trails are maintained around the Kurohime Kogen. With forest medical trainer, experience the forest therapy. Air tastes good, so why not have a big breath?

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    Kurohime Snow Park

    Ski resort is packed with 100% natural snow. Kid’s park is the largest among Japan and this is excellent choice for the family vacation.

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    Douwanomori Snow Wave

    One of the benefits you could experience at town of Shinano. Walk through the forest with the newly packed snow. We will provide the snow shoes.

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  • Mt.Kurohime / Nojiri Lake

    One of the five Shinshu mountains. It is known as “Shinano-Fuji”.

    Kurohime Kogen wide spreads beneath the Mount Kurohime. During the summer, you may find 2000 Daria flowers in 50 different kinds and millions of Cosmos bloom during autumn.

    At Lake Nojiri, summer activity offers bass fishing, boating, kayaking, wind-surfing, SUP, and more.

    Wakasagi fishing is one of the popular activities offered during the winter.

  • Surroundings

    Lake Nojiri Naumanzo Museum

    Palaeoloxodon naumanni fossils and tools used by the caveman were excavated at Lake Nojiri and are displayed.

    To Lake Nojiri Naumanzo Museum site

    Issa Memorial hall

    Haiku poet Issa Kobayashi’s work is displayed at the memorial hall. He’s grave is located behind the building.

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  • Experience
  • Mt.Kurohime / Nojiri Lake
  • Surroundings